Stunning wall hanging by Salt + Still.


Indigo is often acknowledged as being the color of knowledge, perception and intuition. It is credited with being a calming color and who wouldn’t agree? It’s also been stated that indigo is the color of twilight, the moments when day turns into night, a time for change. With so many beautiful beliefs about the color indigo, Ali of Salt + Still was inspired to create a wall hanging that was a celebration of the color with hopes that this piece provides intuition, peace and ease in transitions.


Size: 41” x 49”


Oversized one of a kind wall hanging made from linen and cotton/linen blend fabric. All fabric has been hand dyed with natural, chemical-free indigo. Depth of shade is determined by the number of dips in the vat - a light indigo may take 3 dips while a dark indigo takes 8 or more dips. Time for the indigo to oxidize and adhere to the fabric is needed between dips so a dark shade can take many hours to achieve.

The frontside of the wall hanging is a mixed patchwork and the back side is two large pieces of indigo linen. Pictured on a 1” dowel, not included but sourced from the hardware stores.


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Photos by Salt + Still.

Stella Wall Hanging


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